Ronaldinho: Brazil icon looked furious after being nutmegged by TikTok star – GIVEMESPORT

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Recent footage has appeared on social media showing Ronaldinho getting nutmegged by TikTok star Ferjani Safi.
The Brazil and Barcelona legend was known for his extravagant tricks and inclination for the spectacular in his playing days.
He would frequently dazzle opposition players and fans alike with a whole host of the naughtiest tricks we’re ever borne witness to on a football pitch.
So much so, that he once even received a standing ovation from a starstruck Bernabeu crowd when playing there for Real Madrid’s arch-rivals, Barcelona.
However, a recent video that’s picked up no less than 18.1 million views on TikTok has shown the superstar getting beaten at his own game.
Ferjani Safi, the man responsible for the dirty work, has made a name for himself by nutmegging people in public places across the globe, with even police officers falling victim to his jibes.
And when Ronaldinho was getting shown around on a guided tour, Safi waited for the legend around the side of a doorway and caught him napping.

After the ball went through the 2005 Ballon d’Or winner’s legs, he turned around in shock and looked to boot the ball away in anger.
We’re sure it was nothing overly serious on Ronaldinho’s part, more jokey if anything, but he was certainly low-key peeved off with what had just gone on.
Check out the video for yourself below.

Ronaldinho levou entre as pernas e ficou pistola kkkkk
Ouch! Safi has looked to add insult to injury by changing his TikTok name to ‘I NUTMEGGED @ronaldinho’
He’s done the King and now he wants to bask in the glory, fair play, we probably would to.
But Ronaldinho can take solace in the fact that he will forever be known as one of football’s ultimate tricksters.
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