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While attending a Harry Styles concert, a TikToker recorded a fight between two girls. These passionate fans tugged a single drum stick reportedly thrown to them by a member of the performing band.
The two girls locked eyes while competing over ownership of the drum stick. According to the New York Post, the drum stick belonged to Styles’ star drummer Sarah Jones, who threw the stick into the crowd during Harry Styles’ concert.
The girl on the left smiled while grabbing the stick with both hands, clearly determined to win ownership of the drum stick.
Meanwhile, the girl on the right tugged at the stick with one hand, and attempted to reason with her adversary.
“Please, I literally did,” she pleaded. “I literally had it in my hand before you did.”
The smiling girl on the left simply shook her head, seemingly unphased by the appeal to logic. The video ends shortly after.
In the TikTok video, there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner. Both fans look equally adamant to catching the drum stick, an answer which many of the viewers sought.
And after receiving a ton of questions from commenters asking them how the situation ended, pombotv, the original post owner, shared with the public the winner of the concert drum stick.
According to the original TikTok poster, “The person on the right with the black top walked away with it.”
One TikToker poked fun at the situation, commenting that they “know this felt so serious to them, but I can’t stop laughing.”
Another user related to the content, and shared how they would have reacted in the same situation: “Literally would’ve sat there all night.”
Aggressive fighting at music events seem to be a trend on TikTok, with a previous viral Tiktok short showcasing a full on Riot after the artist cancelled last minute.


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