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Everyone loves a good TikTok trend, whether it’s a dance routine, an outfit put-together, beauty hacks, cleaning hacks, or even spider removal hacks. Doing the rounds right now is the Run Boy Run challenge, a wholesome trend that features pictures that keep swapping in less than a second.
Beginning with the phrase “If I was a” followed by single-word like colour, weather, season, flower, element, the premise is that you’re asking your partner these questions, and they have to answer using the images they think suit your personality, aesthetic, etc. Once you’ve collected all of the pics, you arrange them into a single video and then add the music behind it. However, for those who want to join in on the trend but don’t actually know how to put the video together, this one TikTok user named Ana (@anarvra) has created a Run Boy Run challenge tutorial that takes you through everything step by step…

Replying to @dashrandall hope this helps!! ☺️#howto #ifiwas #tutorial #runboyrun #trendtutorial

FYI, she used the Capcut app to complete the challenge
Voilà! You’ve completed the TikTok trend. Now to wait for the next challenge…


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