‘Karen’ slammed on TikTok after berating mechanic working on her car – Dexerto

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A ‘Karen’ has been slammed on TikTok for berating a car mechanic working on her vehicle in a viral video.
The woman, who’s been labeled a “final boss Karen” by TikTok users went viral on the social media app for all the wrong reasons.
In a 7-minute video with over 3.1 million views, she can be seen yelling at a young mechanic as he tries to put the lug nuts back on her car. The unnamed woman repeatedly tells him to leave her property, switching between commanding him to leave the car where it is and putting the lug nuts back on.
“I don’t care put everything back together get the f**k off my property or I can drive you off my property too,” the woman is heard saying.
The mechanic sat there in silence for a bit, before giving his answer, “Well all we do is come by here try to help-“
The woman interrupted him, yelling, “You come to help and you shut your mouth,” before threatening to have the police come and remove him from her property.
The repair technicians were having difficulty removing the tire on the car, as the lug nut key that the woman provided for them isn’t working on the tire. She claimed that it’s the correct key, calling the man a “fool” and calling their work “bullsh*t.”
“Tighten it up and get the f**k out, instead of making yourself look more stupid,” she screamed. “I pity your mother who pushed you into this world,” she said, to which the mechanic responded that he doesn’t have a mother.
The ‘Mercedes Karen’ then tells him that she’s going to complain to the auto manufacturer about the his attitude “so that they will never use your company.” She continued, “You said to come to do the work. Do the work and shut the f**k up.”
The calm repair tech then tells the woman that he needs another piece of equipment to get the tire back on, which only further infuriates the woman.
“You should’ve brought it!” she says. “You picked the wrong b*tch. Nobody messes with me.”
She continued to yell and curse at the car mechanic when he was finally leaving her garage.
TikTok users blasted the woman for how she treated the mechanic who was only doing his job.
“It is unfathomable to me that someone would speak to another person the way this woman is speaking to this man. I am speechless!” one user wrote.
“I would’ve dropped the car and left right when her voice raised,” a second claimed. 
“I’m so confused as to what is happening here … she wanted the tire fixed but then lost her mind?” a third added.
“You have the patience of a saint. She’s not just a Karen she’s the final boss Karen,” someone else shared.


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