Student’s viral TikTok exposes school’s “sexist” dress code during assembly – Dexerto

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A 16-year-old student went viral on TikTok after exposing her school’s “sexist” dress code during assembly.
The student called out administrators during an assembly while challenging the school’s strict dress code, calling attention to the policy being unfairly enforced.
In a viral video with over 5.7 million views, TikToker Anastasia shared a clip of her asking administrators to clarify their strict dress code.
“Why is this school so persistent in telling girls to cover up when really guys should just keep it in their pants?” she said. “This school is so headstrong on telling girls to cover their shoulders or stomach when those things are all pretty natural.”
She went on to explain that the dress code was “sexist,” and observed that girls with a “bigger cup size” are dress-coded more often than those with smaller cup sizes, even if they are wearing the same shirt.
“I’ve heard more girls with the bigger cup sizes get dress coded. It’s completely sexist and biased and not OK,” Anastasia stated.
She captioned the video: “Our bodies aren’t distracting. You’re just disgusting.”
In a follow-up clip, the student shared a male administrator’s response to her argument, in which he stated that he’s just “enforcing a policy” that’s in the handbook.
“It’s not the way we’re looking at that, but we’re just following whatever we want to do,” he said. “Majority of the people do get it, but there’s some people that want to challenge the system, so that’s it. And a lot of staff members and people, they feel uncomfortable.”
A girl sitting behind Anastasia then asked: “You said the staff feels uncomfortable with what girls wear?” The man answered, “I said years past, some staff members…”
“Why?” she interjected, before a different staff member cut her off and asked the students to “refocus,” evading her question.
Several TikTok users slammed the administrator for claiming that the staff was uncomfortable with outfits minors wear to school.
“The staff felt ‘uncomfortable’ around minors??? Ok bud get new staff they should NOT be around kids/teens,” one user commented.
“‘They’re making staff uncomfortable’ so he just told on all of the staff for looking?” another user wrote.
“He just excused patriarchal misogyny. He just basically said boys will be boys,” someone else added.
Others users shared their own experiences of being dress coded.
“I was 5’11 in high school and would ALWAYS get dress coded whenever I wore a skirt. I knew this other girl who was 5’3 and would NEVER get dress coded and she wore skirts daily,” one user shared.
“One time there were these two girls wearing tank tops. One was significantly bigger than the other. The bigger girl got sent home for her tank top,” another wrote.


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