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Journalist Katie Couric has jumped onto the celebrity beauty routine bandwagon with a brief glimpse into her morning makeup regimen.
The author, 65, took to TikTok earlier today, Sept. 17, to offer a sneak peek into her glamour. 
"Okay, I can't believe I've become this person, but this morning in Wake-Up call we've got all my beauty tips and tricks," she wrote in the caption. "💄💋 Head over to katiecouric.com to check them out! #celebritybeautysecrets #makeuproutine"
Aptly set to Fergie's "Glamorous," the video started with a quick flash-forward to the final product, Couric simpering at herself in the mirror as she said, "Hello, Gorgeous." 
It then flashed to the beginning, with a voiceover saying, "Let's do my makeup routine!" over a clip of Couric with her hair pulled back and out of the way, applying a Lancôme Rénergie night cream all over her skin. 
She showed off each product before using it, with brands like Jones Road and Urban Decay in the mix, though they're not all easy to determine with the quick flash and poor lighting.  
Subscribers of her "Wake-Up Call" newsletter were treated to the reporter's best beauty tips and tricks in more depth, but she also has some of her favorites listed on her website for anyone to peruse, in case anyone would like to try to recreate the process. 
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