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Popular food content creator Ahmad Alzahabi shone the spotlight on the beloved Filipino chicken adobo for his millions of Tiktok fans.
Alzahabi, also known as “The Golden Balance” on social media, released a video on September 7 that showed him cooking Filipino chicken adobo.
“Chicken Adobo is a 10/10 Experience,” he wrote on TikTok.

In the video, he described the local favorite meal as “out of this world.”
“This is chicken adobo. It is a Filipino chicken dish that is out of this world,” Alzahabi said.
The content creator then did a quick run-through of his cooking style with onions and other ingredients.
After tasting his food, Alzahabi continued to tell his viewers how flavorful it is.
“I’m telling you, every single bite has so much flavor,” he said in the clip.
As of press time, his post on the video-sharing service garnered more than 540,000 views.
It, however, received mixed reactions from Filipino Tiktok users.
While some were thankful that the adobo was featured by a popular TikToker, others were divided on his cooking style, particularly his decision to add onions.
Filipino adobo, which is considered the country’s “national dish”, has been an age-old feature of Filipino cuisine that has many variations across the country and in every household.
It has also been among the well-loved Filipino meals in other countries.
Alzahabi’s video came after Nigel Ng, better known as Uncle Roger, previously picked apart the unconventional adobo recipe of American chef Geoffrey Zakarian.
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Alzahabi, however, did not mention he was making a traditional adobo dish.
The content creator initially gained fame online for his easy-to-follow recipes for Ramadan, the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, in his own content called “The Ramadan Chronicles.”
As of writing, he has 5.6 million followers and 137.3 million likes on TikTok.


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