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Gamelancer has announced a partnership with TikTok that focuses on launching games on the platform. The company is by far the most popular gaming network on TikTok, with over 27 million followers. Globally, Gamelancer generates over 1.7 billion monthly views across 27 channels.
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The announcement states that Gamelancer will be able to distribute HTML5 TikTok mini-games across the global TikTok network. The company has also shared the name of its first game in the form of Fortune Teller, a daily fortune and horoscope reading game.
Users will be able to reach the mini-games with a new “MiniGame” button just before uploading their TikTok videos. This will allow them to add whichever game they choose to the video. Anyone who views the video can easily tap the link and start enjoying the mini-game on the TikTok app.
TikTok had already started some new gaming tests in Vietnam, and TikTok owner ByteDance had stated more countries were going to join the ranks in the testing phase, beginning with Q3 of 2022.
Co-Founder and CPO of Gamelancer, Darren Lopes, had these comments about the upcoming partnership:
“It’s been an incredible process working in collaboration with our game development studio and the TikTok team to bring our first H5 game to life. We view TikTok as the platform to invest our social game development resources into as we have the massive built-in audience and strategy in place to acquire users at scale.”
Gamelancer has been quite active in recent months. The company signed a media off-take agreement with Playmaker, a sports-focused media company, in May 2022 and a broadcasting agreement with Stake Online Casino the same year in July. In the future, it seems the giant gaming network intends to surpass its achievements.
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