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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW)  — Inflation continues to have its toll on families across the country. In a new report inflation rose in August higher than expected, which sent stocks plummeting on Tuesday. However some families have found ways to save during these times, and are sharing their advice.
That includes TikTok influence Roxanna Gonzalez who lives in the state of Washington. For the past three years she has posted videos on her TikTok account (@mamicouponz) with advice to save consumers money at the store.
“People always think of the extreme couponing show, people are holding coupon binders,” explained Gonzalez. “That’s not the case anymore it has evolved so much.”
The journey to her viral saving methods started more than three years ago when she was a single mother, trying to figure out expenses. That’s when Gonzalez started doing research, and discovered digital coupons on phone apps.
Gonzalez launched her TikTok page, because she said she was “bored,” and figured it could be fun. She never expected to reach the following she has now of more than 343,000 followers and 2.8 million likes!
Her TikTok page allows you to follow alongside her during her shopping sprees for essential items such as detergent, toothpaste and more.
“I do the break downs for them, and show them what I’m buying,” said Gonzalez. She has scored major deals from toothpaste for less than one dollar, to two 18-packs of beer for $3!
Gonzalez said saving is easy, and offered these tips:
Gonzalez also buys in bulk, and allows family and friends to buy those items form her at the same price. Another app Gonzalez recommends is Flipp, which allows you to see the prices of a certain item in your area.


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