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ARLINGTON, VA — A TikTok created by The Washington Post on signing up for a library card in Arlington County has received nearly 150,000 views. The timing of the TikTok was perfect because it came in September during “Library Card Sign-Up Month.”
Dave Jorgenson, the “Washington Post TikTok Guy,” visited the Shirlington branch of the Arlington Public Library with his colleague Carmella Boykin to learn how to sign up for a library card.
Jorgenson and Boykin met with Miguel Ruiz, Shirlington Library branch manager, who gave the Washington Post’s TikTok team a rundown of how to sign up for a library card in Arlington.
“It’s actually really simple to get a library card,” Ruiz tells Jorgenson and Boykin in the TikTok.
Boykin, who does not have a library card, provides Ruiz with her ID.
As Ruiz inputs her information, Jorgenson asks Boykin in the TikTok how the library card signup process is going. “It’s been pretty good. I think it’s been fun,” Boykin responds.
Boykin asks how much a library card costs. “It’s absolutely free,” Ruiz tells her. Plus, residents can pick a library card from a variety of colors. Arlington Public Library no longer requires all library users to hold the same red library card.
“Can I do the hot pink?” Boykin asks while choosing her library card color.
“In a world of muted colors, this is where it’s at,” Ruiz says in response to Boykin’s choice.
Ruiz then lets Boykin know about all the services that Arlington Public Library offers. “We loan American Girl dolls,” he tells her. “You can read. You can do your homework. You can catch a program. You can just hang out.”
Anneliesa Alprin, communications manager for Arlington Public Library, reached out to Jorgenson in August after he cleverly tweeted: “My version of dual citizenship is having an Arlington library card and a DC library card.”

Alprin then invited Jorgenson to do a TikTok for “Library Card Sign-Up Month” in Arlington.
Jorgenson liked the idea and came to Arlington’s Shirlington Library, which is his “home” branch, Alprin said.
Boykin didn’t have a library card yet, “so it worked out very well,” she said, adding, “We have a new library patron and a few more smiles thanks to their cute TikTok.”

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