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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@khaby.lame
TikTok star Khaby Lame makes a mind-blowing amount of money for each of his posts on TikTok, according to a new report from financial outlet Fortune
Lame is known for his hilariously deadpan videos reacting to other TikTokers‘ ridiculous ‘life hacks’, having turned to the platform after losing his job as a factory worker during the pandemic – in turn become a viral sensation. 
In a recent interview, Lame spoke briefly about everything from what motivates him to his dreams for the future – while his manager Alessandro Riggio told Fortune that his superstar client is on track to make $10 million (£8.67m) this year. 
The outlet also reported that the former manual labourer is now ‘commanding up to $750,000 (£650,000) per TikTok post’, saying this is the amount listed in a contract its staff had reviewed. 
“Hugo Boss, a publicly traded fashion brand with a $3.7 billion market cap, recently paid Lame $450,000 to walk in their Milan Fashion Week show with a singular TikTok video to accompany the strut,” Fortune said. 
“A major Hollywood studio also recently paid Lame $750,000 for one TikTok, according to a contract viewed by Fortune.” 
But Riggio explained how Lame is not motivated by money, saying: “He was poor, and he doesn’t know how much he has in the bank. He doesn’t care about—” 
Lame then cut in: “I like making people laugh. I love my family. I love my company.” 
As for where he hopes his astonishingly successful career goes next, he’s got his eyes set firmly on Tinseltown. 
“My dream is that one day we’ll win an Oscar,” Lame – who has previously expressed interest in becoming an actor – said. 
Riggio said Lame was too famous for the everyday life many of us have, as his adoring fans will swam his car and physically prevent him from moving whenever he arrives home in LA. 
While his fans are apparently less full-on in Italy, Lame still prefers to stay indoors – practising phrases from animated kids’ series Daniel Tiger, compete against his manager in F1 simulation games, and make content. 
He’s also been busy learning English, with Fortune saying he’s not only working with a tutor for an hour every single morning, he’s also ‘bingeing American cartoons and movies’. 
LADbible has reached out to reps for Khaby Lame for comment. 
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