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A popular TikTok star has shared a brilliant discovery he made on his travels, and it is so Irish!
Cian Mooney discovered a potato vending machine while on his travels around Louth.
Taking to the video-sharing platform to share his discovery, Cian said: ‘Tell me you’re in Ireland, without telling me you’re in Ireland – look at this.
‘So we’re driving down the road, and we see a potato vending machine!’
The vending machine charges €5 for 5kg of local potatoes, which the TikTokker alleges are grown in a nearby field.
Cian explained: ‘Five euro, pop it in and the door pops open, and there are potatoes in it… You learn something new every day.’
TikTok users flooded the comments in a combination of shock and awe at Cian’s very Irish discovery.
One said: ‘I knew there were vending machines in Ireland for farm fresh eggs, but a potato vending machine is just hilarious.’
A third added: ‘I need to see that.’
Cian revealed that the roadside vending machine is near Port beach in County Louth.
In other Irish TikTok news, country music legend Daniel O’Donnell recently proved himself to be a bit of a comic as well as a great musician.
The star took part in a TikTok video with social media influencer Micheál better known as Donegal Daddy, who makes comedy and parenting videos for his TikTok and Instagram platforms.
The Donegal duo joined forces following an unlikely encounter in a local pub, and used it as the perfect opportunity to orchestrate a hilarious skit video.
he clip shows Micheál approaching the 60-year-old singer, pretending that he doesn’t know who Daniel is. Micheál then says to Daniel: ‘Hey, someone is after saying Daniel O’Donnell is coming in tonight.’
A surprised looking Daniel retaliates with: ‘You’re joking, is he?’
The influencer goes on to say: ‘You tell me if you see him.’
O’Donnell responds stating he ‘surely will.’ He added: ‘I wouldn’t mind a picture with him.’

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