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Instagram is reportedly working on another feature to give users the ability to repost other users’ posts and reels to their followers.
With over 2 billion active users as of December 2021, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms.
Following the controversial introduction of Reels — which resulted in Instagram reverting the changes made entirely — the platform plans to begin testing a new repost feature.
Since Instagram’s release in 2010, there’s been no way to reshare posts to your feed. Users have only been able to reshare stories and share posts through direct messages.
Now, the platform has plans to begin testing a new feature to improve these issues with a select group of users, according to reports.
Social media consultant Matt Navarra first spotted the new repost feature alongside the posts, reels and tagged photos tab on Instagram head Adam Mosseri’s profile.
A Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch: “We’re exploring the ability to reshare posts in Feed — similar to how you can reshare in Stories — so people can share what resonates with them, and so original creators are credited for their work. We plan to test this soon with a small number of people.”
Instagram Reposts Tab on profiles?!What’s dis Adam?
As noted by TechCrunch, app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi spotted the feature in development back in May.
Instagram’s reposting is expected to work similarly to Twitter’s retweet, and would remove the need for third-party services to reshare posts.
Previously, TikTok also tested its version of reposting, which lets users share their favorite videos with their followers. However, it has since been removed from the platform, with it being unclear if the ability will return.
It is unclear whether or not the function will be here to stay, or be removed after its initial testing like what was seen with TikTok. However, it is certainly an exciting feature we’ve been waiting years for.


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