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TikTok is known for its bite-sized videos which frequently show people doing some quick dance routines. However, there’s a lot more on the platform than popping and locking. Many content creators brought their brands to TikTok and now offer up everything from delicious recipes to restaurant reviews. Some even provide hilarious attacks against some of our favorite celebrity chefs, which lampoons them in a way that is both insightful and amusing.
Because of the active, short-form, full video way that TikTok operates, it tends to hold our attention, so reports The New Yorker. This is because, as New Yorker reporter Jia Tolentino writes, it’s “been designed to perform algorithmic pyrotechnics that were capable of making a half hour pass before I remembered to look away.”
This is vital because some of those “pyrotechnics” include reviews that can rain down ruin on a restaurant. For instance, Ruin My Week discusses how a restaurant was “review-bombed” when a TikTok video went out that claimed the restaurant didn’t pay a server. Now it may be that Cracker Barrel’s steak is the next item in the crosshairs of the TikTok community.

Cracker Barrel has long had a problem with getting involved in scandalsCurrently, it’s gotten some poor notes from TikToker Max the Meat Guy, who did a video review of a steak while sitting in the bed of his pickup, the way any true Cracker Barrel enthusiast would.
Max ordered a sirloin steak, which he said “was extremely thin, but the crust wasn’t terrible.” He said the flavor was “pretty good” and that it “was seasoned well,” but when he tried to swallow it, he said “I could barely get that down” after “lots of chewing.”
Though Max wasn’t unduly harsh, giving the whole meal a rating of 51 out of 100, a lot of commenters felt he didn’t do the restaurant justice. “Steak is not the thing to get there. “Chicken n dumplins!” said one person, who was repeating a love for chicken and dumplings that many echoed. Still others said Max should have picked different sides. “Hash brown casserole is by far their best side,” suggested a commenter. “Clearly you’ve not had the Mac n cheese,” stated another. Perhaps the chain should revive its Peppermill Grill Sirloin Steak Tips (per Twitter). At the end of the day, the lesson seems to be that Cracker Barrel is not a steakhouse, and anyone going there should be more careful about the right order to make, lest they choke down mediocre meat the way Max did.


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