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A Canadian man has gone viral on TikTok after he shared videos adjusting to life in the West Midlands and explores the Black Country.
Going by the name ‘Lopocozo’ on social media, the man from Ontario, Canada, has been on adventures taking him across the Black Country, visiting Wolverhampton, Dudley, Bilston and into Rugeley, Staffordshire.
Documenting his experiences throughout his visits, Lopocozo gives his reviews on foods that he eats on his visits, and has even visited the famous Majors chip shop.
However, the Canadian enjoyed eating the battered chips, he wasn’t impressed with the fish.
Walking through Wolverhampton, he was impressed with the architecture in the city, he said: “This place is incredible!”
He then went onto visit the Central Library, Wolverhampton Art gallery and St. Peter’s Church, which he was impressed by.
After a day of exploring, he went on to say Wolverhampton was “One of the best places that I have ever been.”
With over 30,000 followers now and almost 800,000 likes on his videos as well as over 5 million views in total – Lopocozo is becoming a bit of a hit on TikTok as he explored the region.
The Canadian first went viral on the video sharing platform after he walked through streets of Birmingham in the middle of the night after missing his bus and so he decided to walk home but documented his journey that ended up lasting over four hours.
The journey was split into three videos and they have amassed over 4.5 million views on TikTok.
After going viral, the man now has thousands of people commenting telling him where to visit in the UK – especially because of his funny personality and genuine reactions that many viewers enjoyed and found entertaining.
He is currently visiting the UK for one year after arriving in April earlier this year – and was able to visit as he already has citizenship via his father who is Bermudian.
Currently working for an event crews company, he sets up events all over the UK and even worked on the Commonwealth Games.
One event that he helped set up was the ‘Seaside in the city’ in Wolverhampton – and he was so impressed he decided to come back to the city the next day and filmed his adventure.
His adventures have taken him to Rugeley, where he initially got onto a train and decided to make a blind visit and would explore wherever the train ended its journey. After exploring the town of Rugeley, he even went for a swim in a canal – though his followers warned him afterwards that he probably shouldn’t have for hygienic and health reasons.
The man is clearly impressed and enjoys the Black Country and after visiting the Black Country Living Museum, he said he had a fun day spent there and will be back.
After answering questions as to why he ended up living in Birmingham, of all places in the UK he answered: “I chose to live in Birmingham because it was the cheapest place I could find a place to rent without having to go through a background check.”
He is currently living in Birmingham paying 350 a month for rent, and plans to stay here until April 2023.
By Sunil Midda

Trainee digital reporter at the Express & Star and Shropshire Star.


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