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‘Jakey’ cufflinks will haunt me forever
Okay, so. You’re cast on Love Island. You know the drill. You get dumped from the island and then what? Return to your job? Never! Abandon your souls and join TikTok instead, and start making the most cursed content humanly possible! What could go wrong? Over the years we’ve had an onslaught tidal wave of truly crap TikTok content from Love Islanders – and I’m here to round up and rank the absolute worst. From Hugo Hammond downward dogging his way across the For You Page to Luca and Gemma doing an obnoxious M&S big shop – here’s all the worst TikTok content from Love Islanders ranked.
Did the lads have access to porn? #loveislanduk #loveisland #charlieloveisland #viral #fyp
♬ original sound – Charlie Radnedge
Coming in 10th is my king Charlie, who I actually find spectacularly not cursed or worst on TikTok but actually rather iconic. However – his constant deadpan wanking in the villa updates are not for everyone and the entire vibe of his piercing White Walker blue eyes and sarcastic chats are enough to unnerve the hardiest amongst us. If he was this funny in the villa he might have pulled.
<a target="_blank" title="♬ Why is this trending – Jaz ♬ Why is this trending – Jaz <3
Lucinda at nine? Reaaaaaaaaallly? Yes – for no other reason than she just gets right on my wick.
Be mad #fyp
♬ Hit chu wit da blick – ??‍♂️
What the pick me honey bun hell is going on here then?
Obviouslyyyy had to teach my hunny buns the You Can Have Him dance ??? only 4 days till its out!!! ?? #YouCanHaveHim #YouCanHaveHimDance #cute #hunnybuns #antigoni #paige
♬ You Can Have Him – Antigoni
The thing with dance trends is they have to be, well, trending. You can’t just pop on your latest single that no one is going to stream and hope we’re all going to get on the bandwagon! Not iconic in the slightest. Nothing here is even remotely close to being vibes.
I love a cuddle but there’s no way that I can cuddle just anyone ? #fyp #foryou #cuddle #skincarebyaaron
♬ Rude Boy – Basically nightcore
Okay. What is happening here? Why can’t he just drip his serums on his face without this narrative? It is extremely jarring to me. He down bad.
Why would a 200lbs individual have to eat the same amount as a 150lb individual in order to lose weight? Everyone’s calories needs vary depending on a few factors: – [ ] Basal metabolic rate – [ ] Activity level – [ ] Weigh & height – [ ] Body composition – So it’s not as simple as just put a generic number on it or even following government guild lines. For personalised training & nutrition plans click the link in my bio #fatloss #weightlossjouney #nutrition #fitnessmotivation #fitness
♬ original sound – ANTON DANYLUK
Once you’ve adjusted to the visual changes Anton Danyluk has undertaken since his time in the Love Island villa, you’ll be greeted with some of the worst TikTok any Love Islanders have to offer. Do you want to hear toxic gym conversations about calories and food? No? Me neither. Come round to mine and let’s watch Anton calorie counting TikToks whilst we drown ourselves in McDonald’s.
Black X Black ✌? #fypシ #fashion
♬ Tell Me Something Good – Ewan McVicar
I’m not sure when Jake Cornish rebranded as a fashion account and when he decided to make his muse Matteo from Benidorm, but here we are. I literally gasped and recoiled in horror at the ‘Jakey’ cufflinks jumpscare. Why do straight men dress like this? They need assistance and they need it now.
I mean… Where to start. Perhaps with this.
Finally. ❤️
♬ Why I Love You – MAJOR.
Or this.
Food shop: ✅
♬ X&Y – Caity Baser
Or a personal favourite:
@Gemma Owen ?❤️ music-ad
♬ original sound – sped up songs
All that effort to cover up a license plate but just ending up drawing more attention to it anyway … perfect. Make sure you follow Luca on TikTok for guaranteed some of the worst Love Islanders post villa content imaginable.
A menace.
Reply to @allthingsahs As if I’m going to put myself through that after so many Ls ? All jokes, was so much fun ❤️? #LoveIsland
♬ son original – ?❣️?❣️
Grumpy cat and happy cat is so sus, don’t care what anyone says.
I used to do stretching sesh’s for everyone in the Villa ❤️??? so thought I’d share with you guys ?? let me know how you go #Loveisland #gym
♬ original sound – hugo_hammond
Andrew is giving me Alex Beattie vibes, “the quiet one from love island” #LoveIsland @LoveIsland #andrew #tasha
— Hadzzzzzzzzz (@Hadzzz780) June 25, 2022
Okay, so. Hear me out… Not a TikTok, but would be if it existed. “YEOOOOO it’s Alex the apparent quiet one from Love Island” is reality TV gospel and I don’t care what anyone says!
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‘Jakey’ cufflinks will haunt me forever
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