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Once again, Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman has trolled his opponent Dr. Oz by doing little more than pointing out how embarrassing Oz’s own words are.
Fetterman recently saw a massive fundraising haul off of a video mocking Oz’s viral “crudités” debacle, in which the wellness grifter tried to blame Joe Biden for the high price of groceries while putting together the world’s worst veggie tray.
Now, Fetterman is highlighting one of his go-to criticisms of Oz: that he is not even from the state he wants to represent.
where is “south of Philadelphia” pic.twitter.com/krPdbkpUdv
“I grew up just south of Philadelphia,” Oz says in a clip of a Fox News interview before the video cuts to a map showing exactly what exists “south of Philadelphia.” Which, if you’re wondering, is not more Pennsylvania.
The Washington Post’s Dave Jorgenson, who was responsible for spearheading the paper’s wildly popular TikTok account, called the video “hands down the best TikTok I’ve seen from a political figure.”
This is hands down the best TikTok I’ve seen from a political figure

✅ great use of sound
✅ relevant
✅ to the point
✅ actual information (though technically, he grew up in Delaware) pic.twitter.com/nYhp3UTlW7
Meanwhile, the best Oz’s campaign seems to be able to muster are embarrassing attempts at an everyman persona and cruel, repeated mockery of Fetterman’s recent stroke.
(image: Nate Smallwood/Getty Images)
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