Boy in India gets hit by train while recording TikTok video – Geo News

Monday Sep 05, 2022
A teenager in India’s Telangana was severely injured after being hit by an oncoming train while he was trying to record a TikTok video, where he wanted to capture a glimpse of the train in the background, NDTV reported.
Akshay is a student in grade 11. He was strolling along the railway track, trying to get a moving train in the background of his TikTok reel. However, he failed to achieve the goal and got brutally hit by the speeding train.
As he collided with the train, he was thrown in the air before landing on the ground due to the impact. The incident resulted in serious injuries.

A railway guard noticed the boy on the track and called an ambulance. Akshay is undergoing treatment right now.


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