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JoJo Siwa is poking fun at her 2018spat with Justin Bieber.
Over the weekend, Siwa, 19, jumped on a recent TikTok trend that has creators making videos to the sound of a voiceover from The Vampire Diaries.
"Burn it," the voiceover begins. "Did I say stand there and look stupid? No, I said, 'Burn it.'"
Siwa decided to take part in the trend which she said "was made for" her.
Why? Because of a 2018 very fitting comment from the Peaches singer, 27. In Siwa’s video, she appeared in front of a screenshot from an Instagram post from that year when West Coast Customs re-posted an image of her customized car wrap, which featured bright colors as well as a little promotion for her D.R.E.A.M. tour.
While Siwa shared that the gift allowed her to have the “BEST CHRISTMAS EVER,” Bieber made his disapproval quite clear by commenting “burn it” several times underneath the re-posted image.
“POV you’re Justin Bieber when I got my first car…” Siwa wrote on the screen of her recent video in which she showed Bieber’s comment circled in red.
At the time of the original comment, Siwa went on to troll Bieber, sharing a humorous photo on her Instagram account that showed the teen riding in her vehicle alongside a cardboard cutout of the Canadian pop star.
"Burn it," she captioned the image.
Bieber apologized to Siwa on Twitter at the time, explaining that he had “nothing against” her, he just wasn’t a fan of the car’s decorations.
"@itsjojosiwa I have nothing against you it was the car and the colors I didn't like," he wrote, adding, "I really hope you didn't think it was malicious or mean spirited."
In response, Siwa wrote, “it’s all good bro!” adding that there was a very simple way the singer could make it up to her.
"You can perform at my 16th birthday party and we'll call it good!" she added.
The latest TikTok call-out comes after the Dance Moms alum labeled Candace Cameron Bure the “rudest celebrity” she’s ever met while taking part in another viral trend.
Cameron Bure posted a response to Siwa's TikTok, saying she "immediately tried to reach out" to figure out what happened since Siwa didn't give any details in the split-second share.
"She actually didn't want to tell me because she said it's so silly, she felt bad and that's why it just wasn't a big deal to her," said Cameron Bure. "But then she said, 'I met you at the Fuller House premiere when I was 11 years old, and we were all on the red carpet. I had come up to you and said, 'Can I have a picture with you?' and you said to me, 'Not right now.' And then proceeded to do what you were doing and take pictures with other people on the red carpet.'"
"I kind of broke your 11-year-old heart, I didn't take a picture with you!" Cameron Bure continued, adding, "I feel crummy. JoJo, I'm so sorry!"
Though, on July 29, Siwa said Bure wasn't fully truthful in her apology video.
“We did speak on the phone. She shared that in her [Instagram video],” the dancer told Page Six. “She didn’t share all the details of the meeting. But it was one of those memories that little 11-year-old me was just stuck with.”
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