I make $100s a day with an easy Target side hustle – all I did was download an app… – The US Sun

A TIKTOKER claims he makes hundreds of dollars a day with an easy Target side hustle and all he had to do was download an app.
Maximilian has over 23,000 followers on his TikTok account where he treats a lot of content on making money from side hustles and interviews he does.
In one video, he revealed his “easy money hack at Target” that he uses to make hundreds of dollars a day.
Maximilian goes into Target and buys a kid’s pool that retails for $40 at the store. 
He then uses an app called QR Scanner to scan the price tag and find what the items are being sold for online.
For the inflatable swimming pool, Maximilian learned it was being sold on Amazon for over $100, which would give him a $60 profit if he sold it.
“Buy for $40, sell for $100,” he wrote using the app’s onscreen text.
Another clip then shows him putting all of the pools in his shopping cart.
“Buy the entire stores [sic] stock. Sell on eBay or Amazon.”
The video received thousands of views and several comments from people who wanted to know more about Maximilian’s side hustle.
Others, however, complained about the fees that come with selling items on eBay.
Maximilian answered: “Yes, there are fees but you can still make a good profit.”
Another person asked: “Question, why would someone buy your product as opposed to someone else’s account with more reviews and popularity?”
Maximilian answered that it would be more likely to sell due to convenience.
“You could list for slightly cheaper than the competition and still make a good profit,” he said.
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