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Friendly reminder that when it comes to the Kardashians, you can't always believe what you see—so don't feel bad about yourself!
By Cassandra Stone August 31, 2022
While it’s no secret the Kardashians are known for editing and filtering their photos for social media, this recent viral TikTok comparison of Kim Kardashian’s latest Photoshop fail is jarring.
Kardashian, who has assured fans and followers on many occasions that her beauty standards are “attainable,” recently edited a photo of herself that proves that no one can actually attain her physical appearance—not even Kim herself. Because she seemingly just…erased an entire portion of her body into the Photoshop/FaceTune ether.
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Photographer Caroline (@caroline_in_thecity on TikTok) begins her video by highlighting the “bizarre” editing by showing the photo Kim posted, and comparing that photo to a reverse-Photoshopped version of the same image and a video clip of Kim in the same pose, at the same event, in the same exact moment the photo was taken.
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The body part in question? Kim Kardashian’s trapezius muscle around her neck and shoulders. It’s just…gone. Disappeared. Erased. One minute, she has a fully-formed neck and shoulder area, and BAM! The next minute, she has a cartoonishly scooped out trapezius-shaped hole.
When I first viewed this TikTok, it wasn’t immediately clear to me what part of her body or face Kardashian had supposedly edited. I just assumed she had smoothed her face/narrowed her jaw or nose, etc. When I saw what she did, I couldn’t believe how weird it looked! Which, oddly, made me feel better? Because if Kim Kardashian can’t even attain Kim Kardashian’s body without the help of an editing eraser, then the rest of us mere mortals shouldn’t feel awful for not looking like Kim Kardashian.
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Because the real Kim Kardashian has a trapezius muscle. Instagram Kim does not.
Many commenters echoed those same thoughts:
Kim Kardashian has come under fire for her promoting unhealthy body image issues many times before—most recently for sharing her starvation diet and sauna sweat routine for fitting into Marilyn Monroe’s gown for the Met Gala.
In a recent interview with Allure, when questioned about her unrealistic beauty standards, she tells the magazine: “If I’m doing it, it’s attainable.”
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While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with undergoing cosmetic procedures or doing whatever you want to do if it makes you feel good, it’s very important that doing those things doesn’t harm other people. And acting like looking like Kim Kardashian is “attainable” when she’s one of the wealthiest human beings on the planet with access to endless resources 99.9% of other human beings could only dream of, well, it’s not really attainable then, is it?
Can’t we all just love ourselves enough to not feel the need to literally erase vital parts of our muscular system in photos? Is that too much to ask?
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