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A new dating series called Dated and Related is coming to Netflix on Sept. 2, and you’re going to want to tune in and watch it. It follows pairs of siblings (and one pair of cousins) as they compete in challenges and go on double dates with other sibling duos to find the one. One of the contestants we meet is Corrina Roppo.
Corrina Roppo is the younger sister of contestant Joey Roppo. According to her bio provided by Netflix, Corrina is looking for someone with the same Christian values as her, someone who’s into fitness and would have no problem joining her and her brother’s volleyball team.
Here’s everything else to know about Corrina, such as her age, Instagram, job, and more!
Corinna is 23 years old and from Seattle, Washington. In addition, she has long blonde hair and blue eyes.
She can be found on Instagram at the handle @corrinaroppo. Corrina has over 1k followers and 17 posts. Like her brother, Corrina will see her follower count skyrocket once Dated and Related drops. Her page mainly consists of full-body photos and photos of herself and her brother. Hopefully, she posts more once the Netflix series is released.
Corrina is on TikTok at @corrinaroppo. She has 60 followers and 1202 likes. She mostly posts funny, relatable videos on her page. You’ll also find several videos with her brother Joey.
Corrina is a music teacher and also a musician. She released a music video for her song “Body Heat” on her YouTube channel on Feb. 19, 2021. Based on some of her Instagram posts, it looks like Corrina has been working on some new music. We can’t wait to hear what she puts out!
Dated and Related lands on Netflix on Sept. 2.
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