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Popular TikToker AngryReactions “stole” Charli D’Amelio’s TikTok account with the help of the app’s new nickname trick and managed to fool his followers.
In early August 2022, TikTok made a change to the platform For You Page that began displaying a channel’s nickname instead of its username, allowing users to impersonate influencers.
This change has allowed verified users to change their name to another verified user, making it appear as if they are the real deal on the FYP and in the comments section of videos.
AngryReactions recently changed his nickname to Charli D’Amelio, fooling his followers into thinking he “stole” her phone and account.
On August 29, Oneya ‘AngryReactions’ D’Amelio uploaded a video with the caption “I stole Charli’s phone.”
To help convince users who were scrolling through the mobile app, Oneya changed his display name to Charli D’Amelio as well. He also turned the comments off on the video which prompted his followers to join his TikTok live stream.
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Shortly after, Oneya uploaded another video promoting his Twitch account — this time leaving comments enabled for fans to react.
At the time of writing, his first video has received over 1.6m views with his second video gaining nearly 200,000.
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Hundreds of AngryReactions followers took to the comments on his second video to share their thoughts.
One user commented: “I fr thought u stole Charli’s phone.”
“bro, I actually thought you stole her phone for a sec,” another replied.
A third user said: “Didn’t think you were Charlie cause I follow you and not Charli.”


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