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Ryan Tubridy has shared his latest money-saving hack, and has insisted that it will save you some big bucks if you start doing it.
The Late Late show host noted the increase in tapping our cards, or phones, when it comes to paying for purchases, and shared a hack that he discovered on TikTok which alleviates the constant tapping.
Speaking on his namesake Radio 1 morning show, The Ryan Tubridy Show, on Thursday, the presenter spoke about the increase in paying for things through ‘tapping’ our phone, which many say doesn’t feel like you’re spending money at all.
Ryan revealed that he thought ‘a lot of smart stuff’ was happening on video sharing platform TikTok recently.
He said: ‘There’s a lot of smart stuff happening on TikTok, there’s no doubt about it – seems to be a much smarter place than Twitter, no doubt about it.’
Sharing one of the money-saving hacks to emerge from the platform, Ryan spoke about ‘cash stuffing.’
The radio presenter detailed: ‘The bottom line is, to help people save money and mind themselves – especially when you think of what’s coming down the track in Autumn and Winter this year – when you get paid into your bank: take out the cash.
‘Just buy yourself some envelopes, take out the cash and stuff the envelopes with your gas bill; rent money; maybe beer money, if that’s your bag, and put it all in there.’
Ryan explained that once you have put away the money you need, whatever you have left can be saved in a ‘sinking funds’ fund.
The radio broadcaster explained that ‘sinking funds’ are a way for people to save for specific purchases or events in the future.
Speaking of the viral TikTok trend, Tubridy noted the popularity of the cash-saving hack.
He reiterated the simplicity of the hack: ‘All you need is a notepad, a calculator and a pen – maybe a few envelopes. Then every month, out you go. Whatever cash you have left over can be put into sinking funds.’
Tubridy noted that many people might protest that they’ve been doing it all along, but added: ‘I don’t think we have been doing it more recently though, because we just tap our lives away.’
‘Cash stuffing’ has become a viral trend on TikTok, with many TikTok users regularly sharing what way they’ve ‘cash stuffed’ for the coming weeks, or month.
With the cost of living crisis affecting thousands, it is the latest money-saving and budgeting hack to take the internet.
Categories should naturally include the non-negotiables such as rent/mortgage; car costs; bills etc, but the best part about the budgeting hack is that it is adaptable to meet people’s needs.
Most people include envelopes for specific birthdays and Christmas also.
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