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BookTalk has been a TikTok sensation, basically normal people and influencers gush over new and old books they are reading and this helps drive sales to digital and brick and mortar bookstores. This hashtag has been going strong for a number of years and has been viewed more than 64 billion times. TikTok is looking to further capitalize on the trend even further, by launching a Book Club. Each month, a new book will be announced and community members can read along, being encouraged to “share their experiences” and thoughts. TikTok will also include a special hub dedicated to the Book Club within the app, where the month’s new title will be shared. Well, since it launched last month, Amazon has announced that they are going to be sponsoring it.
Amazon said the move would enable it to extend its “That Reading Feeling Awaits” campaign, which aims to inspire a love of reading and celebrates “the invisible magic that happens inside our imaginations when we read”. As part of the campaign, Amazon created free, bespoke reading emojis and stickers to allow customers to share their love of reading across social channels. TikTok users can now access the new reading emojis by searching @amazonbooks in Stickers to express their reaction to the latest TikTok Book Club selection.
James Stafford, head of partnerships and community at TikTok, said: “It’s been amazing to see #BookTok grow into a truly global phenomenon, which is having a profound impact on the literary world. From spotlighting little-known authors and genres to introducing the classics to a new generation, #BookTok has helped to reignite a passion for literature. We are creating a new take on the #BookClub format so our community can continue to connect, spark conversations and share the books they love most.”
Lisa De Meyer, UK country manager at Amazon Books, added: ” “At Amazon, our team’s mission is to inspire reading, celebrate books of all genres and all ways of reading. We’re excited to support the #BookTok community’s love of reading and offer new visual ways of expressing that reading feeling.”
Terms of the deal were not disclosed, such as the money that Amazon is paying TikTok, but considering the two sides are doing official comments, it has to be at least a few million.

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