Top 10 Best TikTok Filters – We Got This Covered

Whether you’re looking for beautification tips or just having some fun, there’s so many TikTok filters out there at your disposal that it can be hard to sort through what’s truly the best of the best out there. Luckily, we went through the trouble of selecting the best of the best that the video-centric social media app has to offer.
this filter really be calling out my lashes??#fyp #eyes #colourbomb #filters
Color Bomb is a filter you can use to make individual colors within the spectrum of a given image more vibrant and it adds a glittery effect, to boot. Some have even used it to more clearly see the individual colors in one’s eye. Use it to pretty up your face in a portrait or show off your glamorous outfit before a night out.
Did she really just say that about my ex? No more videos with @msinstatok #loopme #fyp #fish #gefiltefish #momsoftiktok #mom #foryourpage #foryou #viral #noway #onblast
Loop Me is something you can find under the effects category in TikTok and it has since become a viral hit among users — for good reason. The effect takes any people inside of a video and makes it appear as if they are a paper cut-out whose individual frames fall out of the lower boundary of the video’s borders. It’s kind of hard to explain, so you’ll just have to check it out yourself. But be warned: it is notorious for making the spatially challenged (i.e. drunk people) fall over upon seeing it.
This filter is pretty cool
A great way to stay ahead of the curve in terms of identifying the hot new viral effects is to check out the “New” page on TikTok. This is the place where every effect lives before it is formally adopted as part of TikTok’s official offerings. One such effect that started out on the New page gives you a third eye in the style of Tien Shinhan from Dragon Ball Z, for instance.
is the filter available in your country? #slowzoom
The Slow Zoom effect is a great way to add some editorial flare to your TikTok videos. Whether it is a reaction shot or a slow-zoom-in of something you are observing, the Slow Zoom effect provides much freedom to individual users in terms of setting the camera up, turning on the filter, and letting it fly as you record your video, without having to worry about manually zooming in. This is one effect that makes it easier to be the star — and director — of your own videos with ease.
it wont be any time soon but dont forget it #funeral #grandma #rules #dontcry #funeralservices #wake #greenscreen
The Green Screen effect has all kinds of purposes, from making short comedy sketches with varying characters and backgrounds to using as a backdrop for commentary or listicle videos.
Rate this filter +tonal???
Tonal is an interesting beautifying filter that can really add some artist flare to your videos. Far from being a simple black-and-white filter, it puts you in control of the saturation level. You can go full-blown black-and-white if you crank the filter up to 11, but you can also find a middle ground where the image has a semi-monochrome look in which some select colors still pop.
Coming out of tik tok hibernation just cuz i love puzzles ? #puzzle #slidepuzzle
Bored on a bus ride? Then the Sliding Puzzle effect is perfect for you. Why not kill the mundanity by playing a game with this TikTok effect that turns your face into a sliding puzzle while doubling as a great medium for generating content on your account.
The Inverted Filter is useful for creating a mirror image of your face, in case you are curious about what other people see when they look at you. The filter tends to alternate between the two perspectives, so take caution when you use it, especially if you have photosensitivity to rapidly changing images.
#lgbtq #nonbinary #lesbian #theythem #genderqueer #queer #igotyoucallinupmyphone #pepperyfilter
The Peppery filter creates a unique vibe to your image that resembles a retro VHS tape. Under the right lighting conditions, such as the saturated greens and blues of a neon-soaked nightclub, the filter can do much to craft the particular kind of aesthetic you may be looking for.
#TimeWarpScan this was fun #ThatWitch #FallDIY #horrortok
The Time Warp Scan effect might just be TikTok’s most famous filter ever, as it became the jumping-off point for a number of viral trends, such as giving oneself an angel’s halo and wings — or devil horns and a tail — by using the timelapse-like effect to its full advantage. There’s a lot of fun — and creativity — to be had by warping one’s face and surroundings using the blue bar that moves down the screen as your guide to the shenanigans and utilizing the movement of your own body as a paintbrush.


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