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Or at least keep the home visits to a minimum 👋
It’s that time of year again, people: spiders are gearing up to invade our homes as the days turn colder and the nights grow darker (plus, sorry to say it, but September marks the moment that spiders like to get… a little amorous). When it’s mating season for arachnids, they’re more likely to seek shelter and pop up in our homes – they also like seeking shade in dark corners during extra hot days. None of which is ideal for those with a phobia of the eight-legged creatures.
Luckily, we’ve found some sturdy TikTok hacks to keep spidey home visits to a minimum. Rule number one? Preparation is key (and side note: it’s worth saying that these hacks are designed to dissuade spiders away from your home, not kill them off entirely). In fact, when writing for The Independent, entomologist Matt Bertone urged people to not kill spiders, as they’re an “an important part of nature and our indoor ecosystem – as well as being fellow organisms in their own right”.

However, hopefully after using these TikTok hacks you’ll see a lot less of the creatures anyway, and with any luck they’ll retreat to abandoned sheds instead…

@melslittleluxuries says eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, or peppermint oil does wonders at keeping spiders out. Simply add some oil into a spray bottle – with or without water to dilute it – and spray it around the windows and door frames.
Spiders smell and taste with their legs, so they will avoid crawling through strong fragrant oils completely.

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@bobbymoore44 also has a spider repellent recipe that you can knock up at home with ingredients you probably already have in the cupboards. Mix vinegar, pepper, oil and liquid soap in a bowl, and start wiping it around the outside of your doors and windows.
Vinegar contains acetic acid which gives it a sour taste and odour which spiders are highly sensitive to. When spiders crawl over the solution, they will repel from the acidic smell.

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@ceithgriffith has taken a different approach to the classic herbal oil concoction, and instead adds two tablespoons of cayenne pepper to a bottle of 10 ounces of water. Shake it and spray around every window. Et voila!
Capsaicin is the main ingredient in cayenne peppers. It’s what gives our mouths that tingly feeling when we eat hot sauce. While we might like the *spice*, rest assured spiders do not.

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@wer1cleaning says while you can never remove every spec of dust completely, keeping it to a minimum with a duster or damp cloth will help to repel spiders. Dusting away old cobwebs and insects that attract spiders will also help make your place less appealing for a spider to stick around. That includes those late night snack crumbs.

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@ellis.h0ward also said her top tip is having a clean room, and picking her sh*t up so it gives spiders nowhere to hide. Enough said!

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Good luck!


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