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Apple Leisure Group Vacations (ALGV) hosted its first-ever Beachfront Bru event at Breathless Cancun Soul Resort & Spa in Cancun. During the three-day event, an invited group of social media content creators — made up of travel advisors, social media microinfluencers and former contestants of “The Bachelor” franchise, among others — created social media content for the resort, swapped best practices in content creation and promoted ALGV’s #AskATravelAdvisor campaign.
The event also celebrated the launch of ALGV’s new TikTok account.
“Breathless Cancun Soul is the perfect location to create exciting social media content,” said Erin McCarthy, senior director of marketing for Apple Leisure Group Vacations. “This gathering provides ALG Vacations’ travel advisor partners with new opportunities for learning new skills like social media photography and TikTok best practices. It’s also a great opportunity for us to launch our new TikTok channel, @AskAnAdvisorALGV which promotes the benefits and of using a travel advisor.
“One of ALGV’s missions is to arm our loyal travel advisors with new ideas and practical guides to the latest trends,” she added. “We know that advisors need to be where the clients are, and that’s in emerging social media platforms.”
In addition to participating in networking opportunities, the group recorded on-site radio shows and podcasts, including this episode of Trade Secrets.
On this special bonus episode, sponsored by ALGV, Trade Secrets co-host Emma Weissmann (the managing editor of TravelAge West) sits down with ALGV’s five travel advisors and a special guest: Bernice Padilla, an American Airlines flight attendant who has accumulated 30,000 followers on Instagram and 110,000 followers on TikTok.
Here, she shares best practices when it comes to social media marketing, building a personal brand and improving audience engagement.
Padilla’s TikTok: @TrendyTraveler
Padilla’s Instagram: @TrendyTraveler_
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