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A traffic controller from Victoria has hopped onto TikTok to reveal the massive amounts of moolah she makes in a week and you might want to send this article to your boss. (What’s the worst that can happen? They fire you and you become a traffic controller??? Ha!)
Chloe Brianna (@too_turnt_traffic.girl) is a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) traffic controller and I’m almost 100 per cent certain the phrase “get that bag, sis” was made for her.
She revealed to TikTok that on an average day she’ll get anywhere between $650-$750. The maths folks over at News.com.au calculated that Brianna rakes in about $2500 a week after tax, making her yearly salary a massive $130,000.
Thank the lord someone did the maths, I was about to pull out my calculator, protractor and ruler.
“What I make in a week, night shift and living away as a traffic controller,” Brianna wrote on her TikTok.
“Monday 13 hours — $672.44 + $76.88 living away allowance. Tuesday 12 hours — $606.22 + $76.88 living away allowance.
“Wednesday 12 hours — $606.22 + $76.88 living away allowance. Thursday 12 hours — $606.22 + $76.88 living away allowance.
“Friday 5.25 hours — $275.16. Total (before tax) $3073.75, (after tax) $2280.75.”
“The purpose of this video is if you are interested in traffic control, I’m in no way bragging.”


Gettin that bag ??, I love my job ?#greenscreenvideo #trafficcontrol #trafficcontroller #nightshift #fifolife #fyp

♬ Lockdown Party – BROTHERS

Gettin that bag ??, I love my job ?#greenscreenvideo #trafficcontrol #trafficcontroller #nightshift #fifolife #fyp
And that was just her salary for working night shifts.
Brianna made a second video clarifying how much she makes flying in and out to locations and getting that sweet sweet living away allowance.
“Honestly this is one of the best jobs in the world,” she wrote in the comments.
“It can be mentally challenging sometimes but it’s so worth it.
“So much travelling and meeting new people every day. Wouldn’t change it for the world.”


Since the last one got alot of attention decided this would be more interesting ? #greenscreenvideo #trafficcontroller #trafficcontrol #fifolife #fyp

♬ rich girl x material girl by altegomusic – ALTÉGO

Since the last one got alot of attention decided this would be more interesting ? #greenscreenvideo #trafficcontroller #trafficcontrol #fifolife #fyp
Unfortunately, most of the comments did not pass the vibe check. But hey, we don’t need to go over anything the haters said, Brianna is getting that bag and that needs to be celebrated. Hustle away, queen.
“It’s actually harder than people think,” wrote one TikTok user.
“I’m a traffic controller and some of the abuse we get is brutal.”
“People need to understand it’s not just standing around,” wrote another.
“We need to be always on our game for anything.”
If you know a traffic controller position that’s become available near you, hit me UP.
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