TikTok Alleges Pop Singer Aubrey O'Day Photoshopped Herself Into an Entire Bali Vacation – PopCrush

A viral TikTok alleges singer and former Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day may have Photoshopped herself into a series of pictures from Bali and other international locations.
TikTok user @residualdata, who goes by Sophie, claims O'Day seems to have Photoshopped herself into stock images, promotional pictures and photos from other content creators to make it appear as though she was recently on a lavish Bali getaway.
In a TikTok viewed nearly 500,000 times, Sophie points out that several of O'Day's images appear to be fake, comparing them against their alleged original photos.
"I will truly never get over people Photoshopping themselves into random vacation photos," Sophie begins her video.
One photo in particular shows O'Day posing in front of a lush resort villa.
Sophie's TikTok reveals the background appears to have been pulled directly from a promotional image from The St. Regis Bali Resort, which has been featured in media write-ups.
Another of O'Day's photos shows the singer perched in a giant, plant-like structure dangling between palm trees.
Sophie's TikTok reveals the base image can be found via a quick Google Images search, and that the original photo features a couple who appear to have been Photoshopped out, with O'Day seemingly inserted in their place.
"I don't even know if she went to Indonesia, like, at all," Sophie says in her TikTok, adding, "She either just steals content from other content creators, or Photoshops herself into other random promotional images."
She also questions O'Day's motives for the alleged Photoshop spree, asking, "In an era where social comparison is so high and has real effects, why are we doing this?"
O'Day's Instagram bio currently reads, "Double Platinum Recording Artist … World Traveler … Sapiosexual."
O'Day has not yet responded to Sophie's claims.
Funnily, O'Day's alleged Photoshopping antics mimic the plot of the recently released Hulu movie Not Okay.
In the film, Zoey Deutch plays a young woman named Danni Sanders who desperately wants to be famous and go viral. Things backfire, however, when she mistakenly gains fame as the survivor of a terrorist attack after falsely editing photos from a Paris trip she never actually attended.
O'Day rose to fame in the mid- to late 2000's as part of girl group Danity Kane. The group scored two Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with "Damaged" and "Show Stopper," the latter becoming their highest-peaking single at No. 8.


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