I’m a Disney pro – here’s how you can save HUNDREDS on park tickets using my clever trick… – The Irish Sun

A DISNEY pro has revealed a clever trick that could save you HUNDREDS of euro on your next holiday.
Edith Gervin, who posts on TikTok under the username @eejitgherkin, shared a money saving hack for the Magic Kingdom with her followers.
While Disneyland is considered a must visit for families all over the world, it can be extremely pricey, especially during peak times.
Luckily, the Irish TikToker has explained how doing a little more in-depth searching could save you a lot of cash.
In her TikTok explainer, she said: "Did you know you can save hundreds on your Disneyland Paris vacation just using this one trick most people don't realise.
"Depending on the date Disneyland Paris Holiday can change their prices by hundreds depending on what website you're on.
"For example, if we search May 3-5 for two people staying at Newport Bay Club its €1,214 on the Irish website.
"But it's €100 cheaper for the exact same rooms and date on the French website."
And that's all it takes, it's as simple as hopping over to a different version of the same website and potentially saving yourself a tonne of money the next time you jet off.
Disney fans flooded the comments thanking the TikToker for her amazing trick.
One commenter said: "We did exactly this, we saved £180 booking on the Irish website rather than the English."
Another added: "Nice tip will definitely be checking this!"
One fan even pointed out that the trick can be used on a whole host of websites.
The said: "Does not only apply to Disney, but on other booking pages too."
Edith has posted hundreds of videos about Disney, Star Wars and Marvel, and has racked up a huge following in the process.
She has amassed over 127,000 followers, and boasts over 8 million likes.
Once you've booked your super cheap Disneyland tickets and are jetting off to the Magic Kingdom, you're going to need to binge watch some movies to brush up on your Disney knowledge.
Unfortunately, budget-airline Ryanair don't have a screen in front of your seat to keep you entertained.
However, one genius flyer has come up with the perfect solution.
Taking to TikTok, under @murphyspcsc, Stephen showcased how a simple plug could solve this situation.
The "life hack" involves setting a plug on the tray in front of you and propping your phone up between the prongs.
You can then press play on a pre-downloaded show or film and sit back and relax for the rest of your flight.
The genius tip means the phone is pointed right at you and saves you the hassle of holding the device for the entire flight.
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