Ghost’s “Mary On A Cross” Goes Viral On TikTok Thanks To Stranger Things –

August 19th, 2022 – 10:38 PM
Those in charge of music media for the Netflix show Stranger Things indeed have their stuff together. From reviving Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” to featuring Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets,” the show has got its vibe together. Ghost’s “Mary On A Cross” wasn’t precisely featured on Stranger Things, but a very popular TikTok featuring the track that featured a compilation of scenes from Will and Mike sent the song into a spiral of recognition.
According to Revolver, the TikTok has amassed nearly 1 million likes, and there’re over 30 thousand TikTok videos that use the song as its soundtrack. The fervor for Ghosts has been high as of late, as the track continued to trend with pieces of art and media such as paintings, poems, and lines from literature overlaid to the track. Users write things like “No piece of art has really ever affected me much,” and then show an evocative painting, lyric, or scene. It’s captivating to see the creative ways in which people utilize the song to communicate. Check out some of the TikTok content embedded below.
The dark, intense rock song is filled with double entendres and not-so-religiously rich lyrics. The sexual imagery is pretty blatant, and the song’s vibe carries a similar feeling to some late 80s goth-rock, despite being released on their 2019 Seven Inches of Satanic Panic EP. Regardless, the song is a hit and will undoubtedly be in regular rotation for many. Check out some TikTok user created content below.
Photo Credit: Boston Lynn Schulz
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