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Published on Aug 18, 2022
Some graceful hand choreography has caught TikTokers in its grip. 
The new dance trend is more abstract than previous ones, but it’s also deceptively easy and much harder to pull off than some of the others. The unusual challenge was sparked by a short video created by @ziakeita. All she appeared to do was wave her hand softly around to a few seconds of Why Mona’s “Wannabe” cover. Now everyone is trying to pull off “the hand thing” on TikTok
In the clip, she gracefully twirled her hand clockwise, then counterclockwise — it was enough to go viral. The video racked up 27 million views and earned @ziakeita an extra 100,000 followers in a few days. 
#duet with @random_stuff_daily6 #handtrend BDJDHDJEK #hand #trend #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #slay #slayed
Some people, like @yummyleaf0, even tried to use tutorials to learn how to do the unique movements. 
But TikToker @ten_yujin blew people’s minds when he did the dance with both of his hands for a special take
#duet with @ziakeita sorry but this trend be false lol #fyp #symbrachydactyly
The trend was not without its controversies, however. Some people felt like it was just a way of celebrating a certain type of hand aesthetic. Disability rights activists and “CEO of One Hand Humour” @indiasasha called out any assumptions that the trend wasn’t about “having long fingers or nails.” 
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