Apple (AAPL) Set to Expand Advertising, Bringing Ads to Maps, TV and Books Apps – Bloomberg

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Rising life expectancy and falling birth rates mean the world’s average person is getting older. It also means they will be working a lot longer.
Snowboard Maker Burton Seeks Sale That Could be Valued at $800 Million
Ghana Raises Benchmark Rate to 22% in Biggest Hike Since 2002
IBM Spinoff Kyndryl Is Betting on Amazon, Microsoft, and Google for Growth
Apple Targets Sept. 7 for iPhone 14 Launch in Flurry of New Devices
Netflix’s Ad-Supported Plan Will Block Downloads of Shows, Films
Gun Trafficking From Florida to Haiti Is Surging
California and Alabama Governors Spar on Twitter Over How to Spend Federal Aid
Stock Market Plunge Punished 401(k) Millionaires
The Best Places to Buy a US Vacation Home
Burrow Working on Regaining Strength After Appendix Surgery
SoulCycle Instructor Raises More Than $16,000 for Fired Staffers
Don’t Believe the Grim Forecast. China Is Just Fine
Fed Shouldn’t Get Baited by Vigilante Stock Traders
Target’s Having a Much Harder Time Than Walmart
AMC’s CEO Will Do Whatever It Takes to Keep His Company a Meme Forever
Pension Veteran Tears Into Public Funds for ‘Bogus Benchmarking’
Ohio Raises a Volunteer Army to Fight Election Hacking
Lululemon Workers Drop Bid for Union Vote at D.C. Store
NYC Denied Every Property Damage Claim From Deadly Hurricane Ida, Citing 1907 Rule
USC’s Inclusion Initiative to Study Portrayals of Abortion in Hollywood
Fifth Set of Human Bones Found as Lake Mead Sinks in Drought
China Snipes at Biden’s Big Climate Win: ‘Can the US Deliver?’
New York’s Congestion Pricing Plan Is Politically ‘Explosive’
Documenting the Quest for Safer Streets
Speed Limits and Number Plates for Cyclists? Grant Shapps Floats the Idea
Crypto Market Wilts With Four Days of Losses After Merge Mania
Quebec’s Caisse Writes Off Celsius, Saying Bet Was ‘Too Soon’
Crypto Ads Starring Matt Damon, Tom Brady Vanish From Television
Steve Jobs announces the since-discontinued iAd service in 2010.

Apple is set to expand ads to new areas of your iPhone and iPad in search of its next big revenue driver. Also: The company slows its pace of acquiring startups, and Peloton embarks on a major overhaul.
Last week in Power On: Apple’s delay of iPadOS 16 and Stage Manager keeps the focus on the iPhone 14.


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