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Your Facebook feed will soon look very different as the platform is making sweeping changes.
Last month, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, announced the site will look more like TikTok with a selection of algorithmically chosen videos. Content posted by family, friends and groups will be siphoned into a separate side-feed as Facebook works toward becoming an entertainment and shopping platform.
The company also said it plans to cut funding to publishers and make news less of a priority, Axios reported. Campbell Brown, Meta’s VP of media partnerships, reportedly told staffers the company was shifting resources away from its news products to support more creative initiatives.
EastIdahoNews.com regularly posts stories on Facebook to keep you informed. Social media can be a critical tool when children disappear, during community emergencies and as breaking news situations unfold.
Although some national news organizations have entered paid partnerships with Meta, EastIdahoNews.com has never had an agreement with Facebook. We do not make money from Facebook when we link to stories on our page, but it does help get users to our website. That, in turn, supports local advertisers, keeping EastIdahoNews.com free for everyone who visits.
As Facebook deprioritizes news, chances are you’ll be seeing less of our stories on your feed – but there are a few things you can do to keep connected:
Although Facebook may be breaking up with news, East Idaho News remains committed to bringing you news and information that matters to eastern Idaho and beyond.

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