Bangladeshi users complain of TikTok glitches – The Daily Star

Some Bangladeshi users of the popular social media platform, TikTok, the app has been acting up and showing glitches since last evening (August 14, 2022).
A few of the agitated users complained of TikTok showing glitches to The Daily Star via social media since evening. Upon further inquiry it was found that, some users where facing problem accessing the app while many others were able to access the app without any hindrance.
Users who faced problems while using TikTok stated that their videos were not being uploaded to the platform and some said they were not able to add music to the draft videos, a feature that has made the app very popular globally. Milon, an executive working at a private bank informed that, he is able to access the app, but the loading time seemed to be much higher than usual. Sharmin, a housewife and mother of two and resident of Hatirjheel area in Dhaka, informed that she is not being able to get updated content in her TikTok app since 8pm Sunday (August 14, 2022).
According to a few media reports, on this issue, Telecom Minister Mustafa Jabbar informed that government has nothing to do with it and did not shut down TikTok in Bangladesh.
When contacted, TikTok’s Bangladesh’s public relations agency said that they have not received any directives or information relevant to the issue from TikTok when this report was being filed.
The International Internet Gateway (IIG) was inquired regarding the issue, Daily Star received mixed response. A few of the gateways informed that they noticed significant decline in upstream and downstream of TikTok. However, a few other IIG there claimed they did not notice any changes in the usage.
রাজধানীর চকবাজারের কামালবাগ দেবীদ্বারঘাট এলাকায় প্লাস্টিক কারখানার আগুন নিয়ন্ত্রণে এসেছে।


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