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TikTok influencer Addison Rae removed from her Instagram account a photo of herself wearing a bikini set with religious connotations, following criticism by some online who called the bathing suit disrespectful to the Christian faith.
In a photo posted on Aug. 2, Rae could be seen wearing a white bikini with the words “Father” and “Son” written across the top. As of Wednesday afternoon, the photo had been removed. It’s unclear when it was taken down.
The $100 bikini set, which includes a bottom with the words “Holy Trinity,” is a collaboration between Adidas and a clothing company, Praying, according to its website.
Representatives for Rae and Praying did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
An Adidas representative said in a statement it is “not connected to the product in question.”
“Our partnership with Praying is specific to the limited release of a Supernova Cushion 7 shoe,” the Adidas representative said.
Rae rose to fame in 2019 after TikTok videos of herself dancing steadily gained popularity. The 21-year-old TikTok star later expanded her career into music, movies and modeling.
On social media, several users criticized Rae, who boasts more than 88 million TikTok followers and 40 million Instagram followers, for posting the photo.
“All I’m going to say is — these people are going to learn the hard way not to play with GOD. Just wait and watch,” one person tweeted.
“What is wrong with Addison Rae? I respect if she is religious or not, but that swimsuit is disrespectful” wrote another Twitter user.
“I felt sick to my stomach, and the first thought that popped into my head was: ‘Why is it always Christians?'” Christian influencer Brittany Dawn Nelson said in a TikTok video, which she reposted on Instagram, in response to Rae’s photo.
She continued: “Leave Jesus alone. Leave Jesus out of it. Christianity is now acceptable in our society to slander and mock.”
Some people on Twitter defended Rae’s ad, citing other celebrities who have worn different versions of the same bikini set, including singer Christina Aguilera and Italian bassist Victoria De Angelis.
“idk i feel like i’ve seen hundreds of other people wear the same bikini like christina aguilera wore it last week and nobody batted an eyelid” wrote one Twitter user.
“miss addison rae got cancelled for prompting the brand ‘praying’ bc of its inappropriate use of words im just finding it funny since celebs have worn their bikinis without getting cancelled,” wrote another user on Twitter.
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