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TikTok usage is increasing by the day.
If you want to add friends you know personally on TikTok without having to look for their accounts, you can use your contacts from within the app to easily add people you know.
As more and more people across the world start to join the popular short-form video app TikTok, many are looking to connect with their real-life friends online through the app.
By connecting with someone on TikTok and following each other, you’re able to easily send messages to each other and view their content on your feed.
While you’re able to search up anyone using their username, you may find that it ends up taking longer than you’d like to find people’s accounts.
So, if you want a quicker way to find your real-life friends on the platform, you can do so by accessing your contacts via the app.
Accessing your contacts through TikTok is a simple process, and could make your life a lot easier in the long run if you want to add people you know.
Before starting, make sure TikTok has been given access to your contacts in your phone settings.
After that, follow the steps below to find your real-life pals on TikTok!
Once you’ve found your friends, you’ll be able to send them your favorite videos and keep up to date with each other’s content.


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