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Lately, a new trend called the Giordano filter has been swirling over TikTok and Instagram and many users are going gaga over it
But how exactly one can be a part of this trend, let’s discuss.
Since a new filter trend is taking over social media, many people have been freaking out their parents, partners, and friends with this new filter trend.
These TikTok videos with the Giordano filter Lol! https://t.co/ul8kNOcMoD pic.twitter.com/zVRHpT6jUZ
— Derek Weber (@dgdw) July 27, 2022

Every TikTok with this Giordano filter has me screeeamiiing ???? pic.twitter.com/Erpg9nRtPf
— ☁️ (@ennaytee) July 25, 2022

In fact, this trend has become so viral that so far, thousands of people have already tried it. If you also want to be a part of this trend, we have got all the details that you need!
The Giordano filter is a new trend that has been swirling up on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.
In this trend, a user takes a picture while the filter is on, and you see an old man wearing a blue hoodie come behind you.
For those people who are unaware that a filter is on, seeing a man behind them comes as a surprise and they are quick to react.
In fact, a few people have through their drinks, phones, and even they have gone to punch the same thinking that there is a real person behind them.
By the time they find out that it was just a filter, you have got yourself a funny video.
To get the Giordano filter on Instagram, you need to follow a few steps mentioned below:
First of all go to your Instagram profile and click on your photo from where you create a story. After that, scroll to the end of the filter and click on the search option.
Write the Giordano in the search bar and scroll down and select the filter which has been created by michael_lurz_xr.
After that, you need to try to record a video, the filter will automatically appear and you can use it to pull a prank on your closed ones.
To get the filter on TikTok, just follow these few simples steps as mentioned below:
First of all, go to the TikTok app, and try to click on the plus sign which appears when you log in to your TikTok account.
After that select the “effects” option which is present at the bottom of your phone screen in the app. Choose the search option from the top of the list and type Giordano in the search bar and select the first filter that appears in the result.
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