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Are you a Super Influencer who has multiple TikTok accounts? Or perhaps you’re a creator who likes to keep multiple accounts for different kinds of content? Or maybe you let a friend sign into their account on your phone and now you need to be able to switch back?
Whatever the reason, you’re here because you need to switch from one TikTok account to another and you don’t know how. Rest assured, there are a couple ways to do this using the “Switch account” page. They’re both simple and should only take you seconds.
If you want to add an account to your TikTok app that you’d like to be able to switch to, you’ll see that option on the “Switch account” page, and we’ll show you how to do that, as well.
The dropdown menu will show you “Switch account page” displaying accounts you can switch between. If you’d like to add another TikTok account, this is where you can do that as well.
The red check notes which account you are currently logged into.
After adding a new account, it will appear on this menu.
That’s it! A few easy steps and you’re done.
Now go manage those TikTok accounts, TikTok legend.
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