Facebook Copies TikTok App to Make Instagram Cool to Teens – Bloomberg

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When the world was confronted with the pandemic in 2020, Australia responded hard and fast in what would be, at first, one of the most successful efforts to combat the virus.
Oil Driller W&T Opens Internal Probe After Whistle-Blower Letter
EU’s New Import Rules Cost South African Citrus Exporters $12 Million
SoftBank Gives Up a Third of Alibaba Stake for $34 Billion Gain
iPhone Maker Foxconn Profit Beats, Easing Supply-Chain Fears
Flying Taxi Company Joby Expands Defense Department Deal to as Much as $75 Million
Chicago Mayor Says Economy Booming While Boeing, Citadel Depart
Bolsonaro Is Stepping Up Radical Rhetoric in Brazil Election Run-Up
British Billionaire Mike Ashley’s Company Owed £64 Million by Close Family Member
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Heralded 2021 QB Class Looks for More Success in Year 2
World Cup May Start One Day Earlier With Qatar-Ecuador Game
Inflation Surprises Are Bad Even When They’re Good
Meet Kyla Scanlon: Master of TikTok, Markets and Vibes
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The Work-From-Home Revolution Is Also a Trap for Women
How Employers Benefit From Offering Unlimited Paid Time Off
The Rise of the LinkedIn B2B Influencer
Irish Rugby Bans Transgender Women From Female Contact Games
Vermont Set to Become Final US State With First Woman in Congress
Food Inflation Hits Native American Households Most, Poll Finds
Rhine River Could Fall Below Critical Mark, Risking Industry
Recovery Underway in South Korea’s Rain-hit Capital Area
The Technology That Could Stop Speeders in Their Tracks
Bedrock, USA: A County Declares the End of the Pandemic
Gainesville, Florida, Moves to End Single-Family Zoning
Ether Leads Crypto Market Surge After CPI Report Release
Crypto Broker Genesis Says Lending Fell Again in Second Quarter
The Most Curious Nation About Crypto Is Nigeria, Study Shows
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The CEO of Meta Platforms needs Reels—his short-form video feature—to fund his metaverse, and you can smell his desperation from Beijing.

Last year an Instagram representative contacted Justina Sharp, a 24-year-old with 93,000 followers, and asked for a meeting to discuss ways she could expand her audience. Sharp thought it was strange to hear from an actual human there, but knew better than to say no. The conversation felt, she says, like the “Facebook gods” coming down from on high to Instagramsplain. The employee “talked at me for exactly half an hour, because that’s how corporate and precise they are,” she recalls. “They gave me all these generic tips that anyone who’s been on social media for five seconds would know how to do.” How to use hashtags, what time of day to post, that sort of thing.
Then, at the very end of the conversation, Sharp got the real pitch. The employee said she’d be most successful if everything she posted was original to Instagram. Suddenly the purpose of the outreach became clear. “Oh, you don’t want me to post TikToks,” she realized. They wanted her to post Reels.


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