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There is a money calculator for TikTok which allows users to calculate the approximate earnings from their TikTok accounts. The tool is known as IgFace and it can be used by those TikTok users who believe that they are an influencer based on their engagement and TikTok followers count.
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IgFace is a standalone analytics tool which claims that it has been designed for educating the up-and-coming and established TikTok stars. The IgFace TikTok calculator is not directly linked with the TikTok app and only helps content creators and opinion leaders to predict a potential income through advertising or promotion campaigns. However, it only works for the Western version of TikTok, and not the Chinese version, Douyin.
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Unlike YouTube, which pays content creators for selling space on their videos or the channel for promotions at a pre-decided rate, TikTok does not reward its users for the native advertisements. As such, it creates a problem for these TikTok influencers in setting up basic advertisement rates for brands due to a lack of an intermediary. To overcome the barrier, the IgFace TikTok earnings calculator comes into play and helps users determine the approximate engagement rate on their TikTok handle so as to understand their potential value as a creator. The tool also helps users understand their rate of engagement. The higher the engagement on a particular account or videos, the more likely it is for brands to consider the influencer for advertising purposes.
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While the IgFace TikTok money calculator could be an ideal tool for TikTok influencers to determine their earnings, it can also be used by companies and brands who are constantly studying the metrics of these influencers as the TikTok followers count is not essentially considered the most important stat in a profile. It is the engagement rate on a particular profile that actually helps brands determine the number of people that may be interested in their product or service. This, in turn, drives traffic and may result in the desired conversion rate for brands.
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