Teens arrested after crashing stolen car on highway for TikTok challenge in must-see video – Dexerto

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Four teenagers who crashed a stolen car have been arrested after taking part in TikTok’s viral ‘Kia Challenge.’
Footage captured by traffic cameras, shows a stolen Kia smashing into a median, after the driver attempted to avoid police stop sticks.
After crashing the car, a group of four teenagers aged 14-17 are seen jumping out of the smoking vehicle to take off running on a Minnesota highway.
The teens dodged traffic to get to the other side of the road, but they didn’t make it far as troopers were waiting for them. All four of them were arrested, and two were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.
Police are now saying that the teenagers stole the car, in response to a viral TikTok video from the “Kia Boys,” which shows watchers how to steal Kia vehicles by using a USB cable. Since the viral video was posted, it quickly became a trend on the app, with many attempting to do the ‘Kia challenge.
Many users have hopped on the trend, and are now attempting to steal themselves their own Kia vehicle, even going as far as to upload their thefts on TikTok.
Last month, a woman fell victim to the challenge, after her Kia was destroyed. She told FOX59 that her many of her valuables were stolen, including a wallet that had her and her children’s medical cards with their full names and date of births.
And just last week, another woman discovered that her was car stolen, as she was ready to leave for work. After learning of the ‘Kia Challenge,’ she now believes she’s a victim of the viral trend.
Per Fox 29 Philadelphia, the automaker is familiar with the rash of thefts, and have issued a statement.
Meanwhile, TikTok says it has already taken down many of the videos showing car thefts.


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