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Who doesn’t love locally grown fresh fruit? But we’re not sure anyone loves it more than a pair of SoFlo influencers! They’ve really found their sweet spot on TikTok, showing their rare and, let’s just say, eye-catching nature’s candy.
Deco’s Alex Miranda is locally grown and taking a big bite out of this story.
Ladies, Miami Fruit is an online company run by the sweetest couple with a farm out in the Redlands, but with some of their seasonal options being so mouthwatering, why am I sweating?
If house plants can be trendy, then fruits can go viral and with over a million followers on TikTok, Rane and Edelle, the influencer couple behind Miami Fruit in the Redlands, know how sweet social media can be.
Rane Roatta: “It’s awesome to connect with communities that are interested in it.”
But their recipe for online success is just like for underground: consistency.
Rane Roatta: “Every day she’s posted at least once, sometimes up to three times a day.”
Well, consistency and…
Rane Roatta: “You put a giant avocado on the internet, and it gets interest.”
Their most internet-famous, um, fascination.
Alex Miranda: “What is this?”
Rane Roatta: “It’s a long neck avocado.”
Alex Miranda: “So it’s ripe?”
Rane Roatta: “It needs to be soft when it’s ripe.”
Alex Miranda: “How tall is, um…this avocado?”
Rane Roatta: “It’s an average size. There are bigger ones out there.”
Scary. Let’s move on to their popular variety packs!
Rane Roatta: “Our goal is to harvest the fruit as freshly as possible, at optimum ripeness, and send it to the customer as quickly as possible.”
Which starts at $77 and will have you go from fruit fan to aficionado.
Rane Roatta: “And that’s whatever we have in season that week, so usually 15 to 25 different varieties of fruit, all in one box.”
Alex Miranda: “Whoa!”
Rane Roatta: “This is the potoga banana.”
Alex Miranda: “Oh, it’s so cute, and this is as big as it gets?”
Rane Roatta: “That’s how it gets.”
Don’t they say the best gifts come in small packages? Like this…
Rane Roatta: “Rare fruit called the Red Atemoya. It’s really popular, and it’s extremely beautiful.”
Or how about cocoa fruit…
Rane Roatta: “That you make chocolate from, and this variety has a beautiful flesh. Look at that.”
Alex Miranda: “See? There you go. That’s the chocolate bean on the inside.”
And or “mamoncillo.”
Alex Miranda: “I’m going to suck on this all day, yummy!”
So, whether it’s their world’s biggest banana or, um, that, order with an open mind.
Rane Roatta: “It’s really exciting for people who are into trying new things.”
Miami Fruit is an online-only store, and you order everything on their website.
To order Miami Fruit, Click Here.
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